Aaron Glenn
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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Aaron Glenn who was born in Canada on December 15, 1973 and passed away on August 30, 2002 at the age of 28. We will remember him forever.

While visiting please feel free to add photos, or stories that you remember about Aaron, he was quite the character, and I am sure there are many stories to tell.  Don't forget to light a memorial candle below...

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Memories  / Pauline Benoit (friend)
Memories are what keep you close. I have many...A cute little freckle faced boy playing with Paula and Ingrid...A stubborn teen, who would not wear a jacket in February to go out for supper...Going on trips with Mom to visit you, wondering how to ch...  Continue >>
letter to Aaron   / Tess Chevrier (Cousin)
Hey there Aaron.

Since I was pretty young when all this happened, I can't say that I knew you like I wish I did. BUT I do remember you very well and I remember a lot of things that you did for me. Even simple things like coloring with me. ...  Continue >>
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His legacy
First day of summer, 1991
Handsprings down the driveway,
               Aaron, my 17 year old son
You dove into a sandbar, fractured your neck
A mother's worst nightmare, 
              one I'll never forget!
The next time we see you, in intensive care
Prognosis...quadrapalegia... confined to a chair
Life's struggles you dealt 
              with every day
But your unique sense of humour 
              did not go away
Making me laugh when you flexed your muscles!!!
You fished, you hunted, raised your Jack Russells
         Eleven years later, August 2002
You became ill with what we thought  was 
                a cold or the flu
You went to sleep that Thursday night
               pneumonia, took you before daylight
 My journey through grief has taught 
               me so much
I still have some anger, guilt and such.
But I am thankful to God for those 11 years,
    I got to know you as a young man of 28 years....

I am still learning... I Loves Ya!!! 
              MOM XOXOXO
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